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me and miki
Name: Mayumin
Age: 22
From: originally UK but lived in Japan as well
Brands: TutuHA, Gladnews, MAR*s, Gold's Infinity, Samantha Thavasa

Blog: Everlasting Dream

Tumblr: TokyoDeadBarbie

Hi everyone. I'm Mayumin, half Japanese half Irish. I have lived in Tokyo for a year up til now (I'm back in the UK atm) and I plan to go back there after I graduate university. I had the most amazing time in Japan - I met so many people and also used to be in a Shibuya based gyarusa LOVE GAL's. I'm still friends with everyone.
I would love to meet people alike whilst I am still in England, since I don't know many people here who are into this style!
Thanks for looking xox


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